COOL's history goes back to the last quarter of 1994 when a group of online collectors using the GEnie Online Service decided to petition Hallmark's Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club seeking their approval to become an online local chapter of the club. Soon the approval came, and we became the VERY FIRST officially sanctioned by Hallmark local club chapter under the name of GEnie Online Collectors.

From GEnie, we migrated to the Delphi Online Service, and from there to the Internet, where ever since - as Collecting Ornaments On-Line, or COOL - we have been meeting via email both for regular monthly meetings, and for "between meetings" chat. It's a system that has worked and served us well.

The addition of our current website in 2004 was a real boon to the club both in helping us conduct our meeting procedures and in getting the news about our group out to collectors. From it's small beginnings, COOL has grown to a membership of over 215 collectors. We're proud to say that all of our members are also members of Hallmark's Keepsake Ornament Club, since we are still a local chapter of that group.

Throughout COOL's history, we have been well-served by 4 very fine retail sponsors: 1st: The Daffodil Hallmark in Cocoa Beach, FL 2nd: since 2004 by Kirlin's Hallmark 3rd: The Party Shop, Warsaw, IN and 4th and current Amy's Hallmark, Kansas City, MO.

With its rich 29-year history, COOL is the oldest & longest running "Local Club" that Hallmark has!

We are a very congenial group and are very welcoming to new collectors who want to become "COOL"!